Batch Craft

1 part chocolate, 1 part art; the passion project turned full-time gig of Social cofounder Tamara LaValla. (is this weird?)

In the words of owner, Tamara LaValla, “Batch celebrates my love affair with art and food and the places they take me. Whether exploring a new country, canvas or chocolate, I’m eager to share my crafted + curated adventures with you.”

Co-Founder of Social Design House, Tamara crafted the brand for Batch from the pantones to the packaging and everything in between (literally). Follow her current adventures in art, travel, and chocolate at

Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Package Design
Print Collateral Design


The simple well crafted aesthetic reflect’s what is inside — from the eco-friendly packaging, to the clean typography on the accompanying card describing the chocolate tasting experience.


Artist Statement

“Building upon two decades in illustration and design, my current work abandons a reliance on ones and zeroes in pursuit of tangible artifacts that are both timely and timeless. I embrace the rigors of making in an ethereal, virtual world to transform myself into the kind of human I want to be. I invite the viewer to join my conversation via iconic symbols, the shimmer of metal leaf and the sensuousness of wax. My studio is a meritocracy where tenacity and growth are rewarded over safety and luck.

In this space where “Command-Z” no longer exists, I am slowly learning to yield control.

-- Tamara LaValla

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